Thursday, July 5, 2012

No More Big Ben?

No more Big Ben? Well, not exactly, but it seems that Britain's Parliament, in their infinite wisdom, has decided to honor Queen Elizabeth's 60 years on the throne by renaming Big Ben. It's one of the most famous names in the world, up there with the Eiffel Tower and Statue of Liberty. The tower, which features the iconic clock, is officially named 'The Clock Tower' but is commonly known as 'Big Ben' will be renamed 'Elizabeth Tower'. The announcement followed four days of celebrations earlier this month to mark 86-year-old Queen's Elizabeth's Diamond Jubilee.

The landmark, part of Britain's Houses of Parliament, is officially called the Clock Tower but is commonly known as Big Ben, which is the name of the giant bell in the tower that chimes the famous bongs in the capital.

The ornate 96-meter high neo-Gothic tower features four gilded clockfaces and was completed in 1859. There are 393 steps to the top of the tower, sited on the bank of the River Thames in the heart of London's Whitehall government district.

People in England are fairly evenly split on the idea. Polls show slightly more than half oppose the change -but very few of them know that the tower is actually named Clock Tower instead of Big Ben already. In reality the name change will probably not have much effect with most people just continuing to refer to it as Big Ben. The only real problem will be having to reprint all those maps and tourist brochures......

Live Long and Prosper....

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