Tuesday, August 28, 2012

Gary Sinise to be made Honorary CPO

Gary Sinise
I like this little story. It seems that the U.S. Navy is going to make Gary Sinise and honorary CPO (Chief Petty Officer) in recognition for all the things he has done for our sailors and marines (and the military and their families in general).

Last April, they were set to make Gary an Honorary Chief Petty Officer at the YOTC CPO Birthday Celebration for the outstanding support that he has provided to our Sailors and Navy, but unfortunately due Mr. Sinise being in a car accident, they was not able to bestow the designation. Thankfully, they are now able to get him back, not only to bestow this designation but for a little song and dance as well. The U.S. Navy Band Washington will perform. The group performing will be the Cruisers, the Navy Band's contemporary entertainment ensemble (rock band). The Navy Band has also invited Mr. Sinise to sing with them.

Gary Sinise's tireless and selfless donation of his time and energy on behalf of our service members makes this small token of appreciation well deserved. I am very glad to see him recognized this way. I just wish the event was close enough for me to go -I'll bet it will be a lot of fun.

Congratulations, Gary Sinise, and thanks. You're a good actor, good entertainer, good American and a good man.

Live Long and Prosper...

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