Sunday, September 16, 2012

Film Used as Excuse

I don't know about you but I am really getting tired listening to all the fuss made about that stupid film somebody made insulting Muslims. It is being blamed by non-Muslims for most the demonstrations going wild throughout the Middle East and it is being used by radical Muslims to call for the killing of Americans.

But, it just is not entirely true.  Those demonstrations go on all the time and are sparked by any number of things. This film may be the current cause -but if it had not been this film, it would have been something else. And radical Muslims have been calling for the killing of Americans for a long, long time. This film just provides them with a convenient excuse.

In the West we keep trying to tell Muslims in the Middle East that this movie has nothing to do with the American Government. That it is not approved of or supported by the American people nor even reflects our values and beliefs. They don't believe it. You see, our diplomats and political types are missing something. Something important.

People in most of the countries in the Middle East have always had totalitarian governments. Nothing went into the papers, on TV or on the Internet unless the government approved of it. And if something slipped through, someone got arrested and imprisoned or executed. They simply do not understand the concept of "Free Speech" and how important it is to us. They think that it is perfectly within our governments power to arrest the makers of a film that insults Islam and have them executed. -And they think that because we don't, we must therefor be supporting the ideas of the moron responsible for the film.

Giving people democracy is a good thing, a noble cause. But freeing people from a dictator and letting them vote is not giving them democracy. We need to be telling them about the rights of man, given by God and not some governmental agency or some church or some group of Imams We need to be teaching them how democracy works and about respecting the rights of every person, even the idiots that made the film. W need to tell them that in this country when someone puts something offensive and disgusting on the Internet, we don't go track him down and cut off his head. We just don't watch the film. It's not complicated. It's not hard. But there sure seem to be a lot of "smart" people that don't get it.

Live Long and Prosper....


Ted Leddy said...


You rightly point out here that Muslim anger over this incident not only exposes the extremism of the Muslim world but also illustrates their ignorance of democracy.

Gary said...


Thank you for "getting it" -far too few seem to.

Tolerance is the key to successful democracy. Not acceptance -tolerance.

Intolerance should be limited to violence and any behavior which denies rights to others, even the smallest minority. No matter how much you might disapprove of their religion or culture or life style.

Freedom is for everyone equally or it is denied to everyone eventually.