Tuesday, October 2, 2012

More from the 'Strange and Stupid' Files

Are you offended by mothers breast feeding their babies in Public? How about potty training? A mother of twins was photographed at the Thanksgiving Point Deli in Lehi, Utah, apparently toilet-training her toddlers at a table. Another patron witnessed the mother's bringing in what looked like booster seats, but then the mom undid the kids' jumpsuits and placed them on the potties. A spokesperson for the deli said the incident was over by the time it was reported to her, but the witness put a photo on the Internet (picked up by TV stations).

Well she was honest about it anyway... Police arrested a woman and charged her with statutory rape. She came to officers' attention when she called 911 to ask if the dispatcher knew the age of consent in the state because 'she had had sex with a 15-year-old boy recently and wanted to clear her conscience'.

And they say we don't treat our Gitmo detainees well.... The Washington Post reported the existence of a newly declassified communication between a cooperating Guantanamo Bay detainee and his lawyer, revealed that the "high-value" prisoner had, without explanation, been rewarded with a pet kitty cat.

Many of us are still outraged that no major banking officials were punished for the malpractices that produced the 2008 financial collapse. But never fear, 'Federal Regulations' will find justice. Richard Eggers, age 68 and with an otherwise-unblemished record, was fired by Wells Fargo -- only because of a 49-year-old conviction for attempting to rig a laundromat machine by making a "dime" out of cardboard. Wells Fargo said its hands were tied by a new federal law requiring dismissal of anyone with past convictions for "transactional crimes" (which are normally aimed at identity theft and money-laundering). The Federal Deposit Insurance Corporation, which administers the law, has a waiver procedure, but the process is complicated, and Wells Fargo did not want to go through it, saying it feared being fined if it did not terminate Eggers promptly.

Tired of inaccurate weather forecasts? Let's lock up those bad weathermen! In July, Labor Party councillors in the Netherlands demanded that weather forecasters be punished for incorrect predictions -- since poor weather drives down resort business, resulting in slower hiring. One hotelier in Hoek van Holland lamented that the forecasters, ironically, were getting worse despite having more forecasting tools than ever before. I completely understand their frustration -I say lock 'em all up, through away the key and then issue everyone a weather rock instead...

Think the NFL is the only place with dumb ref's? In a Norwegian soccer league match, player Talat Abunima was ejected for arguing with a referee who had just given him the benefit of a penalty. He was not fouled, he insisted. "I tripped over my own feet," he said. "It was unbelievably clumsy of me and ... I felt I had to speak out." The referee first warned Abunima (a yellow card) for complaining and finally red-carded him, telling a local newspaper afterward, "It was a clear penalty. The player got it all wrong. I don't think the players know the rules properly."

Well, enough for today, but don't worry, the files of the 'Strange and Stupid' are plentiful... and people out there in our big wonderful world seem hell bent on adding to them all the time...

Live Long and Proper...

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