Sunday, October 14, 2012

The Vice Presidential Debate -Who Won?

It has now been a couple of days and I have been able to listen to both sides claim victory in the Vice Presidential debates. The Republicans claim Ryan was cool and able to explain points clearly, especially regarding the economy and Obamacare. He was able to hold his own against Joe Biden and deliver the Republican tickets message. On the other side, the Democrats claim Joe made up for Obama's poor performance last week and out performed Ryan on facts and substance.

Well, from what these poor eyes and ears took in, they are both right -and they are both wrong. They both played a little fast and loose with facts. Ryan did a good job, but he still failed to be specific about some key facts -such as exactly what tax deductions effecting the middle class they want to close. That is a very important issue and they (Romney/Ryan) need to get that cleared up. Joe, on the other hand, had no specifics at all to offer about what they (Obama/Biden) will do in a second term to improve the economy or create jobs. He also offered no explanation whatsoever about why the Democrats in the Senate have failed to produce a budget for 3 years.

On style, I'd give it to Paul Ryan. He was cool, calm and properly courteous and respectful. His answers were reasonably complete, easily understandable and on subject. Joe, on the other hand, drifted or avoided answering important questions -and his laughing and smirking while Paul was talking was rude and arrogant. If it were just these things to consider, I'd give the debate to Paul Ryan.

But there is more too it. These men had a job to do. They had to get their party's message out, avoid gaffs and mistakes, look Presidential and be likeable. The Vice Presidential Debate was not expected to win or loose the election -it just needed to move the ball forward. They both did that. Paul Ryan held his own and did well, which is all he really needed to do. Joe Biden also held his own and helped get attention away from Obama's bad debate performance. And that's really all he needed to do.

If it had not been for Joe's rather childish performance while Paul Ryan was speaking, I probably would give this to Joe by a point. As it is, Joe should have been sent to sit in the corner for 5 minutes until he could behave himself. He looses that point and I'd say it was a draw. -And that's actually good for Romney because he has had a little momentum moving him up in the polls since the Presidential Debate last week -this VP Debate did nothing to alter that. The race is still too close to call, but Romney is catching up and passing up Obama --slowly, but steadily.

There are two more Presidential Debates -and you can bet both candidates are acutely aware that the outcome of those debates could very well sew up the election for either side. One mistake, one gaff, one badly timed interruption, one gesture or just one bad expression could loose the election in a second. It's that close. This Vice Presidential Debate was a tie. Both did what they set out to do. But, in reality, they both failed. What they really needed was a bold, fast knock out and a clear victory. Neither side got that. They played it safe and as a result, neither side won.

Live Long and Prosper...

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