Tuesday, November 13, 2012

Skyfall: Bond, James Bond in top form

I am a "Bond Fan" and have been since I was two feet high and my parents took me to see "Dr. No". I lost "the faith" after Sean Connery left. I continued to watch, and enjoy, the Bond films, but none of the Bond's after Sean Connery  quite lit the old flame . They just weren't "Connery".

That changed with Daniel Craig. I admit, I was very skeptical about his new, unknown, blond-haired version -but I really  liked "Casino Royal" and I was looking forward to "Skyfall".

I was not disappointed. It's great. I won't tell you the plot because there are a lot of twists and turns and I don't want to ruin a moment of the twists and spoil even one of the surprises for you. I will say that it is a subtle, very subtle, return to the "traditional" Bond character. -And it works.

If you are a Bond fan -or too young to remember the original Bond but enjoy good action and adventure -you'll like this movie.

One personal note. My favorite all time quote is from one of Lord Tennyson's works. "M" quotes it in this movie in a very appropriate context. Hint: It starts "Tho much is taken, much remains".

I saw it in IMAX, which definitely enhanced the experience -but I really think I would have enjoyed it as much in the regular format too.

My recommendation: See it. You'll like it.

Live Long and Prosper....

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