Wednesday, November 7, 2012

Stories that prove 'Life is Strange'

Italy's highest court ruled in July that one man's telling another, in front of others, that he has "no balls" can be criminal conduct that warrants payment of damages. Judge Maurizio Fumo ruled that such a comment places at issue male virility as well as competence and character.

In August, after an eight-day trial, a court in Hamburg, Germany, awarded money damages to a man who called another an "asshole" in a parking-space dispute and fixed the payment at the equivalent of about $75,000. (Courts in Germany can base the amount of damages on the transgressor's income.)

A Saudi Arabian agency is raising the equivalent of about $130 million to break ground in 2013 on an entire city to be managed and staffed by female employees, with three more such cities being contemplated. Raising women's employment rate is a goal of the kingdom, where until last year, nearly all jobs were held by foreigners and Saudi males, including jobs as sales clerks in women's lingerie shops.

 Prayer failed for Leslie Burton, 26, and Terrell Williams, 22, in St. Paul, Minn., in July. As they sat in the back seat of a police car while officers searched their own car, the pair, touching hands (according to the police car's video camera), quietly begged for divine intervention so that the guns in their car would not be found. However, not only were the guns spotted, but a subsequent strip search revealed a baggie of suspected Ecstasy pills in Williams' rectum.

In the seaside city of Qingdao, China, many beachcombers wear masks while lounging and sunbathing. The garments are "face-kinis," or light cloth coverings that protect against the "terror of tanning." While Western cultures celebrate skin-darkening, many Chinese associate it with lower-status, outdoor occupations, and a pale skin suggests having lived a pampered life.

There are more examples of why 'Life is Strange' -but telling too many at once has a tendency to make some of my friends afraid to go outside....

Make it a great day.... (Smile at a stranger, it drives them crazy)

Live Long and Prosper...

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