Wednesday, December 5, 2012

I Feel an Attack of Monkey Brain Coming On

I sat down here today to rant a little bit about some things in the news. You know, just let off a little steam about all the hypocrisy and stupidity in politics (the politicians are the hypocrites and those of us who re-elect them so often are the stupid ones).

I tried writing a couple of lines but I could not concentrate. I finally realized that I was having a serious attack of that dreaded writers disease –Monkey Brain. My thoughts jumped from subject to subject faster than Cheetah going after Banana Bread trucks. My only recourse was to give in and just see where swinging on the vines in the jungle of my mind will carry me today.

If an asteroid is ever on a collision course with Earth, it is possible that the planet could be saved by firing paintballs at it, according to an MIT graduate student whose detailed plan won this year's prize in a United Nations space council competition. White paint powder, landing strategically on the asteroid, would initially bump it a bit, but in addition would facilitate the sun's photons bouncing off the solid white surface. Over a period of years, the bounce energy would divert the body even farther off course. The already identified asteroid Apophis, which measures 1,500 feet in diameter and is projected to approach Earth in 2029, would require five tons of paintball ammo.

Yeah, I know, it just doesn't make a lot of sense sometimes... Samuel Cutrufelli, 31, filed a lawsuit in October claiming that Jay Leone, 90, "negligently" shot him. Cutrufelli had burglarized Leone's home unaware that Leone was home. When Leone reached for one of his stashed handguns, Cutrufelli shot him in the jaw and then pulled the trigger point-blank at Leone's head, but was out of bullets. Leone then shot Cutrufelli several times, which Cutrufelli apparently felt was entirely unnecessary, so he sued him....
I was talking with a friend of mine the other day and somehow we got to talking about Jonathon Winters. I truly believe he is the funniest man alive. Here is a YouTube clip showing him improvising a comedy routine with nothing but a pen and pencil set. Watch how fast his mind works and how really funny he could be “on the fly”.

This montage is a little longer but if you have a few minutes and would like a few hearty laughs, take the time to watch it:
Live Long and Prosper...

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