Sunday, December 23, 2012

The Word is a Strange Place

I thought a few of these “little” stories from around the world might make you smile –or maybe cry… They tell me that we live in a very strange world after all….

In Shanghai the Shangmao kindergarten has instituted a new fee. It is for parents who want the teachers to actually hug their kids. For the equivalent of about $12.80 cents a month they will hug the children once in the morning, upon arrival, and once in the afternoon, upon departure. 

Want to avoid those airline baggage fees? One man had thought he had an answer. He showed up at Guangzhou Baiyun Int’l bent on avoiding the fees. He was wearing 60 shirts and 9 pairs of jeans.

Spiders get even scarier. Biologists reported observing a spider in the Rainforest meticulously constructing a “decoy” spider made of “tiny bits of leaf, debris, and dead insects,” and the real spider able to nudge the decoy too-and-fro so that predators get distracted into thinking that that one is the real spider.

Some religious ceremonies make you take a second look. At the religious festival of Pon, thousands of Muslims travel to Gunung Kemukus, on Indonesia's main island of Java, to have a “required” sexual intercourse with a stranger. The experience, which supposedly brings good fortune, has become heavily commercialized, but nevertheless, about half the participants are "pure" (because no money changes hands). But once is apparently not enough to secure good fortune. The pilgrims must first pray, then bathe themselves, then select their proper stranger, then bathe themselves afterward and finally return seven times at 35-day intervals to refresh their ritual. 

Speaking of religion... Last November in Perth, Australia, one retired priest, Thomas Byrne, 80, bit off the ear of another, Thomas Smith, 81, in a brawl over a parking space. Father Byrne and Father Smith are residents of the same retirement home in the Perth suburb of Dianella.

OK,, that’s it for today (because enough is enough already…)… Besides, I have to go check what the airline tickets would cost for Indonesia….

Live Long and Prosper....


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