Saturday, February 16, 2013

2 Great Books for Download FREE

     I am very happy to announce that in order to promote my books and introduce me as a new author, Kindle Digital Publishing and I will be offering the ebook versions for downloading FREE on
Sunday, Feb. 17th and Monday, Feb. 18th! 
Operation: Avenging Dragon

     My first attempt at writing a fiction novel. It is an espionage thriller that revolves around a Chinese attempt to seize control of the South China Sea.  

     Here is how one customer reviewed it:

    “Operation Avenging Dragon is an up to date story about Chinese cyberattacks on the US. Having been the target of such an attack several years ago, this story really resonated with me. The plot develops nicely. The main character will appeal to men over 40 as he is aging and feeling it. The main character may not appeal to those under 30 who are not feeling the effects of age on their bodies yet.

     The supporting characters added to the team were enjoyable in their differences and yet similar in their military backgrounds. The plot is a delightful mix of naval action and computer action. The naval descriptions are very well done IMO. The description of the final cyberattack on one of the main backbones of the US computer network will hold the computer geeks for at least a couple of minutes. But the real hero of the story is a kick. Straight out of the midwest, he shows why you don't want to mess with an angry farmer.

     The only thing I found annoying was a lack of a link back to the Table of Contents from within the book. But don't let that stop you from enjoying a good spy read.”

Leadership: The First Step

A book I wrote to teach leadership, management and supervisory skills for people just starting out . I wrote it in plain, easy to understand language so that even people who have not had the benefit of a college education and can use it to improve their skills.

Here is what one person said after reading it:

“Very easy to read. Gives great tips and lessons on how to be an effective leader and manager. I have bookmarked several pages to go back to in the near future-“

  I am very proud of these two books and I hope you will take advantge of this offer. If you read and enjoy one or both books, I hope you'll be kind enough to let me know what you think about them.


Live Long and Prosper…

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