Tuesday, February 26, 2013

Karzi Orders US Special Forces out of key province

Karzi reviewing US troops at Pentagon
     Last Sunday Afghan President Karzai ordered U.S. special operations forces units to leave Wardak, a strategic eastern province, accusing the Americans and Afghans working for them of torturing and abducting civilians. Karzai’s office charged that a university student who was detained during a U.S. operation was later found with his head and fingers cut off. In another case, U.S. forces allegedly detained nine villagers who are still missing.

     Karzai gave no additional details and didn’t specify the identities of the Afghans working alongside the U.S. forces. However. the Wardak province chief of police said that he had no evidence to back up the Presidents claims.

     Karzai’s chief spokesman went public with the accusations and blindsided U.S. officials in Kabul, who weren’t informed or given any information regarding them before hand.

     Is this the way we allow ourselves to be treated? And by a man who would still be living in exile in Europe if we had not brought him back? A man who skims millions of dollars from US Aid and has made himself monstrously rich through corruption and drug dealing? A man who has been treated as a VIP and major ally while visiting the White House and the Pentagon?

     I don’t know about these allegations. I do not believe they are common practice or widespread. But there may have been some isolated incidents involving US troops or, more likely, their Afghan counter parts. If so, then they should definitely be investigated and the responsible parties held accountable. But there is not excuse whatsoever for Karzi to make public accusations and order US and Afghan special forces out of an entire province.

     I think we are making a big mistake by propping up this regime. We should be arresting him on corruption charges (and for criminally bad taste in clothing). We should be helping the Afghan people to at least start their democracy with honest leaders, not this clown and his cronies.


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