Thursday, February 28, 2013

More Monkey Brain Commenting

The Tea Party is claiming credit for having forced sequestration to take effect. The right wing, conservative Republican movement says that their purpose has been to cut Federal spending and force a reduction in the size of government from the very beginning. Sequestration is a step in accomplishing that goal. This position raises some problems for the Republican Party. Up until recently the leadership in Congress has been telling us that if sequestration were to take affect it would be disastrous for National Defense and for the economy. They say it would cause hundreds of thousands of jobs to be lost to layoffs and furloughs. Speaker of the House John Boehner and other key Republicans in Congress and the Senate have publicly vowed sequestration would never go into effect (Obama and the Democrats made the same vow, by-the-way). If, now that sequestration is becoming a reality, they suddenly take up the Tea Party line it will look like the worst kind of hypocrisy. And if sequestration really does result in losing hundreds of thousands of jobs as predicted, the Republicans will now be blamed for it. It will give President Obama (who gave us sequestration to begin with and is now claiming he was vehemently opposed to it all along) will use it as a club to batter the Republicans publically. The result will be further division with the party at a time when they very badly need to find a way to unite.

Dennis Rodman is in North Korea on a “Basketball Diplomacy Mission”. Wow, if the North Koreans thought Americans were crazy before, what will they think now?

The Department of Homeland Security has already started releasing thousands of illegal aliens currently in detention claiming it is necessary because of sequestration budget cuts. Well of course they have. It spreads fear, can be blamed on the Republicans and bows to pressure from the amnesty groups. A win-win for the Administration. Of course, it’s hard to understand why a 5.3 percent budget cut would ‘force’ this action. That amount could easily have come from places like facilities maintenance, equipment maintenance, communications and travel. Hell, they could furlough Janet Napolitano without hurting the Department and achieve most of the reduction in costs….


Here we go again. A teacher in a Texas public school allegedly encouraged high school girls to dress up in full-length Islamic burqas and then instructed the entire class that Muslim terrorists are actually freedom fighters. Now having the girls try on burqas isn’t such a bad idea. Wearing clothing and costumes from other countries is a good way to give kids a better understanding of other cultures. Besides, wearing a burqas for a day would certainly make the girls appreciate how hard life can be for wpmen in some Muslim countries. But, teaching the kids that Muslim Terrorists are “Freedom Fighters” is going way too far! It romanticizes and lends an air of legitimacy to murdering thugs who kill and maim innocent civilians and who would love to see the destruction of our entire country. This teacher should be fired, lose their teaching credentials –and be given a head exam… 

Live Long and Prosper..

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