Friday, February 8, 2013

Oh No! Another “Monkey Brain” Attack!

Remember “Neither rain, nor sleet, nor snow….”? Well, our illustrious Post Office has long since forgotten it. The agency, which is losing billions of dollars every year because it is so poorly run and has given far too much away to its unions, won’t deliver mail for many reasons. A dog barking in the house could be enough for you to have to go get your mail at the Post Office instead of your mailbox. They skip delivery if road work blocks car access to your street. They seem to actually be looking for excuses not to deliver the mail these days. Now they have decided to stop delivering mail on Saturdays. They say that will save $2 billion a year. Sound like a good idea? Well then, how much would they save of they stopped delivering Monday through Friday as well? Clearly they have forgotten that the service was founded and subsidized by the taxpayers for the purpose of delivering the mail….. Not providing jobs and pensions to the unions.

Disney bought LucasFilm ($4 billion) and is developing 3 more Star Wars sequels. They also announced they are looking into developing movies based on some of the Star Wars characters. I’m looking forward to one based on Yoda……

I was surprised when I saw a survey that said New York is now the 27th most expensive city to live in in the world. I love New York but it is really expensive to live in –or to visit. But, according to this survey, there are 26 cities even more expensive. The top five were Tokyo and Osaka in Japan, Sydney and Melbourne in Australia and Oslo in Norway.


Live Long and Prosper….

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