Saturday, March 16, 2013

Nuclear Holocaust and a Failure of Diplomacy

I have been watching the developments in North Korea and in Iran with regard to their nuclear programs with increasing alarm. While the North Koreans are rapidly working toward making a nuclear device (bomb) small enough to put in a ballistic missile, the Iranians have increased the speed of enriching uranium so they can have their own holocaust maker.

What are we doing about it? President Obama has increased sanctions on both countries and started installing interceptor missiles on the west coast. Wow. What a great plan. We tell the Iranians they can’t have a bomb and until they give up making one, we won’t let them import any more butter or IPads. And as for the North Koreans, we’ve had the tightest sanctions possible on them for over 3 decades. How’s that been working out?

Ronald Regan gave a famous “Star Wars” speech 30 years ago. He talked about the immediate need to develop defenses against missile attack. The Congress agreed and then “unfunded” most of the research until George Bush got it going again. Barrack Obama killed the program in 2009. Now all of a sudden he starts sounding like Regan again, says we are moving forward with the interceptors and can handle any attack by the North Koreans. One problem, however, the interceptors won’t be installed and ready for 4 years. No problem, we’ll add more sanctions and take away Kim Jung Un’s Netflix account.

I don’t know about you but I am beginning to think that the only thing that will get real action from this Congress and this President will be the sudden appearance of a mushroom cloud over some large city. When that happens history will view Obama as the 21st Century Chamberlin with a complete failure of diplomacy. He’s not worried though. He can always blame George Bush and those big bad Republicans.
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