Wednesday, June 26, 2013

Politically-Correct Strikes Tradition! Okay, enough already!

You know; we've been putting up with an awful lot of “political correctness” lately. And, while some of it does make some sense (there are words and phrases that people just should not use because they are, or can be, hurtful), much of it is nothing short of ridiculous. 

An example of this nonsense that comes to mind is saying “Happy Holidays” instead of “Merry Christmas” so you don’t offend non-Christians. Another is calling a policeman a “police person” or a mailman a “postal worker” so you don’t offend women. Really? What women? I know a lot of women, and I have yet to met one that gives a damn if you call a cop a policeman.
We have been putting up with this extremism nonsense for years now and we generally just go along with it. There are probably two reasons for this.
  1. It’s just too much work arguing with an extremist (it’s like telling a drunk they’ve had too much to drink), and;
  2. No one wants to sound insensitive in the age of sensitivity. –And people who speak out are often quickly labeled as bigots, chauvanists, racists and rednecks.
But now they’ve gone too far. Enough is enough already! Now they are screwing with drinking traditions!
The Royal Navy has banned two of its oldest traditions because they no longer reflect the "gender balance" of the service.
For the first time in 200 years, Royal Navy officers aboard ship will no longer utter the traditional Saturday night toast to “Our Wives and Sweethearts”.
The toast, which elicits the unofficial response: “May they never meet!” has been changed because there are so many women officers at sea. We certainly don’t want to take a chance the toast may inadvertently offend one of them. And, God-forbid someone thinks up some witty toast for the women officers to answer back with.
The instruction officially changing the toast to “To Our Families” was issued by Second Sea Lord, Vice Admiral David Steel (a Naval Officer whom I am sure history will remember as a gold-braided wuss).
Live Long and Prosper...

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