Friday, June 21, 2013

Show off on your Submarine Yacht

      Do you love boating but can't decide whether you'd prefer a casual cruise or a dive to the depths of the ocean to avoid inclement weather? Never fear. The new design for a 377-foot yacht called the Migaloo combines the best of both worlds.

     Austrian yacht studio Motion Code: Blue has come up with the new way for rich people to use up their surplus wealth. The studio has previously worked on yachts and super yachts in Asia, Europe and the U.S.

     "In our minds as designers, the concept was to submerge to travel or stay in privacy or to travel submerged and safe in bad weather conditions, where "normal" boats can't leave the harbor," said motion code: blue managing director Christian Gumpold in an interview. He added the studio's research has shown them that their target customers are less concerned with speed and more interested in traveling luxury living spaces.

     The superyacht, named after an albino humpback whale, doubles as a submarine that can be submersed up to 240 meters (787 feet). It includes six decks, a helicopter pad, a pool, a cinema room, and multiple VIP suites. According to Superyacht World, a magazine for luxury yacht owners, the plans for the submarine-yacht also call for pressure-proof glass and lighting that will make underwater travel even more spectacular.

     Much of the vessel's design is based on existing submarines, with the addition of a customizable interior and a custom tower design that features a large saloon. "Communication and especially navigation is provided by common and well tested technologies," according to the Daily Mail.

     Don’t run down to your yacht broker right away. It’s not quite ready for the market, but should be available to order soon. There's no price tag for the Migaloo yet, but it's expected to be a “multi-million dollar vessel."

     I loved the whole idea, and I can’t wait to own one. In fact, I’ve started getting my finances ready to handle the cost. Just this morning I went down and bought two lottery tickets…...

 Live Long and Prosper....

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