Monday, July 29, 2013

Jackson Hole, China

There is a community nestled in a valley in the hills Northeast of Beijing, China that the developers and residents have named Jackson Hole, after the scenic community in Wyoming. It contains about 1,000 single family homes (mainly rich or upper middle-class). The residents have been lured there by the idea of “living in the Old West” and by an admiration of the American life-style.

One home, owned by a husband and wife who are both lawyers working in Beijing, is a large, luxurious log structure they actually saw in Jackson Hole, bought, and had shipped back to China. The home is decorated with various items of Americana, including license plates from several states and a framed copy of the Declaration of Independence. They enjoy gardening, barbecuing or simply relaxing in their getaway surrounded by mountains -- but often shrouded in Beijing's infamous smog.

The center of the community is complete with a town square that includes American style shops and restaurants. It will also have a church soon. Many of the residents have studied or worked in the United States and converted to Christianity while here. It required special permission from the Communist Government to open the Church.

The little community is so popular that one resident has bought a piece of land about the size of 13,000 football fields and is developing more homes and shopping centers there. He reports the sales have been very strong.

Jackson Hole, China is a gated community with their own security. The guards wear western outfits with cowboy hats and patrol in golf carts.

When asked about the tensions between the two governments, they simply shrug and say that they admire America and the American way of life – the governments will just have to go on doing what governments have to do.

I wonder if they have tried barbecued egg rolls yet….?

Live Long and Prosper....

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