Wednesday, August 28, 2013

Obama’s Red Line – What can he do? Here’s an idea….

President Obama made the statement that if Syria used Chemical Weapons it would “cross a red line” and would have serious consequences. They have used those weapons and, so far, there have been no consequences.

That’s because the President does not have many options. He can’t put “boots on the ground” because the last thing the American people want is to get directly involved in yet another Middle East War. He can’t get a UN resolution because the Russians and the Chinese will veto it. He can’t supply the opposition with weapons because those weapons could (would) fall into the hands of radical Islamists, such as Al Qaeda.

But he does have one very good option that I have not heard anyone talk about yet.

He can send in the drones to openly support those factions of the opposition that are not radicalized.

Drones can provide real time intelligence, break up combat formations, bomb runways to ground the Syrian Air Force, take out artillery batteries and much, much more.

And they can do it without putting Americans in the line of fire.

I’m sure that drones are already being used to a limited extent. We just aren’t hearing about it. But I am suggesting they be used extensively, as a primary weapon.

At the very least it would be a tangible step America could take to support the “good” opposition forces and stop making us look so weak and irrelevant after the Presidents warning about crossing red lines.

Live Long and Prosper...

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