Monday, August 12, 2013

Strange But True….

Time for me to pick some strange headlines from the news so the rest of us can feel a little more “normal” (whatever that is…)

Unusual Beauty Talent Requirement:

The beauty pageant each April at the Rattlesnake Roundup in Sweetwater, Texas, (yes, I’ve actually been there-it took a bottle of Bacardi to get me out of the car though) requires traditional skills like interview poise, evening-gown fashion and talent But –it also the ability (and inclination) to milk and skin rattlers. High school senior Kyndra Vaught won this year's Miss Snake Charmer, wearing jeweled boots one night for her country-western ballad, then Kevlar boots and camouflage chaps the next as she took on dozens of rattlers in the wooden snake pit. Vaught expertly held up one serpent, offered its tail-end rattles for a baby to touch, then helped hold, measure, milk and skin a buzzing, slithery serpent. 

Not “approved”:

The owner of a restaurant in southern Sweden told authorities in March that the former owner had assured him that "everything had been approved," including the appliance the restaurant used for mixing salad dressings and sauces -- which was a table-model cement mixer. When health officials told the owner that it certainly was not "approved," he immediately bought another, "rust-free," mixer.

Not all bad:

Chad Pregracke, 38, a Mississippi River legend, spends nine months a year hauling heavy-duty litter out of waterways with his crew of 12. He has yanked up 218 washing machines, 19 tractors, four pianos and nearly 1,000 refrigerators -- totaling over 3,500 tons of trash -- and has collected the world's largest array of bottles with messages inside (63).

Not the fish you thought:

Eliel Santos fishes the grates of New York City seven days a week, reeling in enough bounty to sustain him for the last eight years, he told the New York Post in April. The "fishing line" Santos, 38, uses is dental floss, with electrician's tape and Blue-Touch mouse glue -- equipment that "he controls with the precision of an archer." His biggest catch ever was an $1,800 (pawned value) gold and diamond bracelet, but the most popular current items are iPhones, which texting-on-the-move pedestrians apparently have trouble hanging onto.

Live Long and Prosper….

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