Saturday, September 14, 2013

Police Kill 107-Year-Old Man

No, no joke. A SWAT team killed a 107-year-old Arkansas man. 

Monroe Isadore was alone in his house and was killed after he shot at SWAT team members through his bedroom door. 

Police said they were called to the home in Pine Bluff, Arkansas and learned that Isadore had pointed his gun at two people who were in the house with him. The police entered and shouted to Isadore through his bedroom door to put down his weapon. Instead he fired shots at police with his handgun, upon which they called for a SWAT team. 

When the SWAT team arrived they say they tried to negotiate but "negotiations failed." They then released gas into the room, which failed to subdue Isadore (yes, gas failed to work on a 107 year old man, according to the police). He fired again through the door and in response the SWAT team shot and killed him.  

Police have not clarified how exactly negotiations with Isadore, who was allegedly alone in the bedroom, failed. 

The available accounts of the incident all come from police sources, and haven't been confirmed by non-police witnesses. The Pine Bluff Police have not said if the shooting will be independently investigated. 

Yeah, something about this story just doesn’t ad up – methinks the police may have been a little fast on the trigger this time….

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