Friday, October 11, 2013

Futility or idiocy -we humans can sure be silly

There goes another freedom –the freedom to doze off:  The training technology company Mindflash recently revealed a feature for iPads that prevents student inattentiveness during an online course. Facial recognition software notices a user looking away (or, worse, falling asleep) and thus pauses the course at that point until the eager learner re-engages the screen. 
In an epic failure: A 20-story condominium building (the tallest residential structure in the European Union) in the resort town of Benidorm, Spain, was hastily upsized to a planned 47 stories, but a series of architectural mistakes and developer bankruptcies has left it limping, still 65 percent unsold. Most notably, El Pais discovered that the design made it impossible to build an elevator shaft to go past the 23rd floor because of space limitation. 
Silly Doctors being stupid: A 36-year-old patient is suing California's Torrance Memorial Medical Center, claiming that anesthesiologist Patrick Yang decorated her face with stickers while she was unconscious and that an aide took photos for laughs, later uploading them to Facebook. Dr. Yang and the aide were later disciplined but remained in good standing. Some hospitals (not Torrance Memorial yet) prohibit cellphones in operating rooms at all times. 
Solving the race problem one silly idea at a time: According to his road manager, pioneer 1970s musician Sly Stone (of Sly and the Family Stone) has a lot of "real interesting ideas," including once trying to hire "ninja chicks and clowns" for his security entourage. Stone's latest brainstorm: form a musical group of albinos, which Stone says "could neutralize all the racial problems" that plague society. "To me," he said, "albinos are the most legitimate minority group of all." 
Really bad day: Klaus Eder, a 25-year veteran team trainer for Germany, working its World Cup soccer qualifier match with Austria on Sept. 8, had a rough time. Rushing during the game to treat player Marcel Schmelzer, Eder first tore a muscle in his left leg and then, as he fell to the ground, broke a finger. It was not in vein; however, because he treated the player and the team went on to win the game. 

Today's Reflection:
Worrying works! 90% of the things I worry about never happen...
Live Long and Prosper...

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