Wednesday, November 6, 2013

“Close Enough for Government Work”?

The security contractor USIS does $2.45 billion worth of background checks for the National Security Agency and other departments. They are the people that cleared both file-leaker Edward Snowden and the Washington Navy Yard shooter Aaron Alexis. They get paid only for completed background checks. 

However, full background checks often require months of work, and at some point, when USIS needed cash, it would "flush" still-open files, treating them as completed, and submit them for payment. The files of Snowden and Alexis were both “flushed” and not completed. In both cases crucial information failed to make it into the flushed files. 

A lot of people paid a price for this fraudulent behavior but, as of this writing, no one has been charged or held responsible by the Administration…. 

Today’s Reflection: 
Money can’t buy happiness –but it sure makes misery easier to live with…

Live Long and Prosper…

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