Friday, November 1, 2013

Vietnam Building up Navy

With tensions growing in the South China Sea, Vietnam has begun modernizing and expanding its Navy.
The first of the six submarines, built at the Admiralty Shipyard has passed the tests successfully. 
"The tests have been completed. The delivery of product signing is scheduled in early November this year. In late January 2014, the submarine will be sent to Cam Ranh and the final minutes of the receipt of goods will be signed," a spokesman for the shipyard said. 

Under the plan, in 2014 Russia will hand over a 636 Kilo class submarine to Vietnam, three others in 2015 and the last two in 2016. These boats are equipped with more modern technology than the submarines of the same type of the Chinese navy. 

Todays Reflection:
Age has its advantages. Too bad I can’t remember what they are.
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