Friday, December 13, 2013

Strange Christmas Gift Ideas

In case you haven’t found the perfect Christmas gift for someone on your list yet, here are a few, let’s say unusual, gadgets (yes, they real and from QVC).

Salt and Pepper Robo Shakers
Take passing the salt to the next level- automation. Just clear a path, wind ‘em up and let these little Salt and Pepper Robot Shakers walk the spices across the table themselves. They said by the 21st century robots would be taking over common household tasks, and this is where it starts. …

The PolaRoll
For the photography fan who has everything, there’s the PolaRoll, the Polaroid Camera Toilet Paper Dispenser. Instead of slooooowly printing out one instant photo at a time, it unrolls toilet paper. Hopefully faster than a real Polaroid and with more than one sheet at a time. Also no need to shake the tp before use like a Polaroid. Say cheese.

Space Pirate Laser Cat Toy

What’s cooler than cats? Laser cats! What’s cooler than laser cats? Space pirate laser cats! This Space Pirate Laser Cat Toy is the ultimate cat toy. Press the lightning bolt atop his head and pew pew pew. Just like cats are attracted to the red laser light, people are attracted to space pirates. I’m not sure who would have more fun, you shining the laser or the cat chasing the laser.

Today's Reflection:
I'm only a mornig person on December 25th...
Live Long and Prosper...

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