Tuesday, March 11, 2014

Watch Out! I’m having a Monkey Brain attack

I sat down to write a blog for today and was instantly hit with a bad case of ”Monkey Brain”. So this may be one of those blogs where my mind swings from topic to topic without warning or reason (don’t worry, I have been told it is not contagious). 

New York 

I love New York. I first went there on business in the early 80s and quickly found that under their rough and rude exterior, New Yorkers are a remarkable bunch of people with a great city. Having said that, I have to confess that I just can't get my head around their voting record. They went from Giuliani to Bloomberg and now to de Blasio…. Talk about a downhill slide. This newest Mayor has even crazier ideas than Bloomberg (who’d ‘a thought?). His latest outrage is trying to do away with the horse-drawn carriages in Central Park and replace them with (are you ready?) –cars…... What an incredibly stupid idea. I have ridden in those carriages (and some in San Francisco and in New Orleans, and I have taken buggy rides along the Brazos and hay rides in Austin) –they are fun, charming and a reminder of some of the better things in our history and heritage. I see Liam Neeson has come out strongly opposed to the idea (he even held a press conference and rally) –good for him! I hope they block the Mayor and his stupid idea! 


Let’s face it. We lost. The Crimea now belongs to Russia and there is nothing we can do to make Putin give it back. Encouraging the Ukrainians to have a military conflict with Putin would just get a lot of people killed and might even give Putin an excuse to take Eastern Ukraine as well. What we should do is try to get Poland and the Czech Republic to once again agree to have the Missile-Defense Shield installed in their territory (manned by US troops and paid for by NATO). That may not be as easy as it sounds since they agreed to it a few years ago, and Obama made a deal with Putin not to install it –without even consulting them! The next step would be to expedite getting the other Eastern European (former Soviet) countries into NATO as quickly as possible. That would really piss off Putin, and it would stop (or at least slow down) his aggression in that direction. By-the-way, sanctions won't work. Even if the Europeans agreed to go along with them, they’ll never enforce them because they’d lose too much money. And Czar Putin knows it. 

Missing Airliner
There are a lot of speculations about what happen to the missing airliner over the South China Sea. No one knows what happened, and we won’t know until we find the wreckage. That leaves it wide open for guess work. Some say its system failure, some say it’s terrorism. Some say it’s pilot suicide. I have a suspicion –not based on knowledge, rumor or fact –just a suspicion about a possible cause. The Chinese declared the entire South China Sea as an “Air Defense Zone” a couple of months ago. Some countries are complying and identifying themselves as they enter the zone. Some countries insist it is international air space and refuse to comply. This plane disappeared just after entering that zone. Coincidence? Maybe... 

Okay. I’ll stop for today –don’t want to get too long winded (or sound too crazy). Don’t forget St Pat’s Day is Sunday so get your green ready and stock the beer…. 

Today’s Reflection:
My souls had enough chicken soup. It wants some chocolate. 

Live Long and Prosper…

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