Saturday, January 24, 2015

Another Monkey Brain Day

I got up this morning and discovered that I was a little behind in my blogging. In a slight panic I desperately tried to think of something to write about. The problem just got worse when my usually reliable brain started swinging from topic to topic like a monkey in the trees –hence today is officially a “monkey brain” day.

The first thing my poor little grey cells settled on was the current football scandal regarding the Patriots and their under-inflated footballs. Wow, what a bunch of talk about nothing. I’m no expert on the proper inflation of a football but I have played a lot and I can tell you that the difference between a ball that has 12.5 psi and one that has 11.75 psi is completely unnoticeable. It’s a silly thing to be worked up over. Plus, just look at the simple facts. The footballs in question were all removed after the first half of the game. The second half had balls that were properly inflated. The Patriots made more points with the proper footballs in the second half then the under-inflated ones in the first half –and the Colts did't make any points in the second half. So just how much advantage do they think the Patriots had? It’s stupid. What we should be doing is celebrating that the Patriots played really well, won the Championship and are on their way to Superbowl!

The next thing that came up was the President’s State of the Union speech. You know, he really does give a good speech. It’s too bad that you can’t believe anything he says. Like all politicians, the man speaks with forked tongue. He said the talks with Iran on their nuclear program were going good. That’s true, of course, but for the Iranians, not for anybody else. They are making El Presidente look like a fool. I swear I think he is trying to do an imitation of Chamberlain –and so far he’s doing a good job. I did like his idea about making community colleges free, like high schools. That way people could at least afford a 2 year college education. The problem though is that to pay for it he wants to increase taxes “on the one per cent” ---with a Republican House and Senate? What planet is he living on? Or, more appropriately, how dumb does he think we are?

The next thing on my brains agenda was thinking about an article I read that knocked me out of my chair. It seems the Navy is facing a staggering 74 percent unintended pregnancy rate. Well, if you deploy male and female sailors aboard ship for months at a time you have to expect a little playing in the forecastle. But 74 percent? Are you kidding? I don’t know who at the Navy Department is in charge of integrating female sailors into shipboard operations –but he should be keel-hauled. The Navy is better than that. There is just no excuse for this kind of carelessness. Remember, if you train a gal to do a job, and then send her to sea and count on her to do it, and she gets pregnant and can’t do it –you’ve just added a name to the casualty list and the only people who benefit are the enemy. The Navy is better than that. They need to get their act together on this problem –very fast.

Okay, ‘nough already. ‘Yall have a great day, hear?

Today’s Reflection:
I think the only problem with your face is that I can see it.

Live Long and Prosper…

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