Wednesday, April 29, 2015

The Paper Tiger Strikes Again

Yemen has become a major debacle for the Obama Administration. Despite years of American support and foreign aid, the country has fallen into virtual chaos dominated by three major groups. 

The first are the pro-western government forces, which now only control relatively small regions within the country. The second are the Al-Qaeda forces whose purpose is to force their perverted version of Islam on the region and push all non-believers out by force or by death, especially Christians, Americans and their allies. The third force, and currently the most dominate, are the rebels that are directed, supported and supplied by Iran.

Iran’s purpose is simple. They want to establish a Shiite Muslim State that further encircles and threatens the pro-western, mostly Sunni, Arab States, including Saudi Arabia. To help accomplish this, Iran has been sending a continuous flotilla of ships to deliver weapons and support for the rebels, in flagrant violation of the UN Arms Embargo of Yemen.

The American Administration has responded by withdrawing U.S. civilian and military personnel. Then, surprisingly, we made a show of force by sending the super aircraft carrier, Theodore Roosevelt to the coast of Yemen along with elements of the 5th Fleet. It was anticipated that this force would begin interdicting the arms shipments from Iran. 

But no. President Obama now says they will not engage in those operations but will remain “on standby”. Furthermore, he has directed that we put pressure on Saudi Arabia to stop its military campaign assisting the Yemen Government in their battle against the rebels. They are being asked to pursue a negotiated “diplomatic” solution instead. The result will be an Iranian puppet state with a long border with Saudi Arabia, further encircling the Pro-Western Arab States and giving Iran a base from which it can launch terrorists operations almost at will.

As for Iran itself, a few years ago we repeatedly heard the President state clearly that "under no circumstances will Iran be allowed to have a nuclear program". We would put sanctions in place that would remain until it could be verified that their program had been dismantled. The sanctions went into effect and have had a devastating effect of the Iranian economy. 

But then, a change. The President subtly stated that under no circumstances would Iran be allowed to have a nuclear ‘weapons’ program. The sanctions would remain in place until it could be verified that they dismantled their ability to achieve weapons grade nuclear material in a short period of time.

Now, another change. The sanctions have been relaxed and instead of being kept in place until an agreement is reached, the President promises that they can be “snapped back in place" if needed. The Iranian economy is making a rapid recovery.

In case you have not noticed, the policy of the United States to confront and contain dictators, rouge states and sponsors of terror has devolved into non-confrontation and appeasement.  Syria and Russia are also examples of this disastrous policy change.

President Barack Obama has become the Prime Minister Neville Chamberlain of the 21st Century

We all know how Chamberlains non-confrontation and appeasement policy resulted in an “aggrement” with Adolf Hitler’s Nazi Germany. The now infamous 'White Paper', 'Peace in our time' document –and we know what happened next. 

President Obama’s modern version of that policy is going to result in a 21st century achievement of the same ends. 

A lot of people are going to pay a very high price as a result of our Presidents suffering from a medical condition known commonly as "Rubber Spine".

Live Long and Prosper....

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