Tuesday, May 26, 2015

Iran Nuclear Deal –Congress Deceives Us

     The Senate voted overwhelmingly to pass a bill intended to give Congress a say in the emerging nuclear deal between Iran, the U.S. and its five negotiating partners. The White House praised the bill as a victory ensuring the participation of Congress in the extremely important deal being brokered.

     I was pleased to see that Congress had taken a firm stand on ensuring the final deal was acceptable (which I have grave doubts will be the case). 

     I was pleased, that is, until I read the Bill. Here are a few reasons I think this Bill was a blunder and another fraud being perpetrated on the citizens of the United States:
1. The Bill doesn’t require approval. It requires disapproval. In other words, if Congress doesn’t like it they have to get enough votes to disapprove it. It is far easier for proponents of the deal to get enough votes to block disapproval than it is to get enough votes to pass approval.

2. If the Congress manages to get enough votes to pass a bill disapproving the deal, all the President has to do is veto it and the deal goes into effect anyway. That is, of course, unless they are very quickly able to get enough votes to override a Presidential Veto (not going to happen).

3. The Bill gives Congress a time limit of thirty days to disapprove the bill. After that, the deal is automatically assumed to have approval and goes officially into effect. 30 days! When have you ever seen a bill be created, go through committee, debated and voted on within 30 days? In one House of Congress and then the other? I admit it is possible –but it is highly unlikely.

Once again, the Administration has swindled us. They have successfully mislead most Americans to believe that the President will be acting with the approval of Congress, when in fact; he will be able to operate almost unilaterally as he wishes. And what makes this even more outrageous is the fact that both the Senate and the House, to their great shame, know perfectly well what they have done and are full participants in this dangerous deception.

I fear the result will be a deal that will have dire consequences for the entire world by allowing the Iranian religious leadership to gain control of a nuclear arsenal.

Live Long and Prosper...

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