Friday, August 7, 2015

The GOP Debate –My Take (don’t laugh, that’s rude)

Knowing the importance of the subject and how many of you are waiting with baited breath to hear my opinion of the GOP debate tonight (or more correctly, the GOP Debates); I have decided to post a few astute observations (stop that, I hate it when you laugh too hard).

I guess the bottom line for me was that nothing happened that really changed my mind about any of the candidates very much. They all played it safe, avoided going after each other too aggressively and just pretty much rehashed their positions on various subjects. I was disappointed that there was so much generalization and very little “How I’m going to do it” on the stage.

I think many people tuned in hoping to be entertained by The Donald. They were probably a little let down when he pretty much behaved himself. As for me, I could not help but look at him on that stage, with that perpetual pouty scorn on his face (he reminds me of a little spoiled kid that has just been told he has to wait until Christmas morning to open his presents). Can somebody give me a good explanation as to why he was there? Sure, he’s entertaining, but this is a debate to help us determine the best candidate to lead this country, to become the leader of the free world, to be the most powerful person on the face of the planet. Does anyone seriously think he’s the man to have his finger on the nuclear button? Or that a man who has amassed billions of dollars really cares a twit for the problems of common Americans, struggling to put food on the table? His idea of poverty is not that you're unable to buy things; it’s that you've run out of things to buy.

I think the people that impressed me the most were John Kasich and Carli Fiorina. 

I didn’t know much about Kasich and I have to say that he really looked Presidential to me. I don’t know if he can get into the final round of people we are considering for the nomination, but I won’t be disappointed if he does. 

As for Carli Fiorina, I wasn’t too impressed with her after her performance in the California Senatorial race. Last night, however, she came across very impressively. Maybe she’s matured and learned, or maybe the Presidential race is very different from state politics, but I actually liked her. I don’t think she has much of a chance at the nomination, but I think whomever gets it would be a fool not to give her serious consideration for the VP slot.

Then there was Ben Carson. I like Ben. I can’t see him as President but I think he’d make a very good choice for a cabinet post.

Mike Huckabee is always good for a few laughs and one liners, but he’s not someone I could support for President.

Rand Paul always impresses me. I could easily support him if he’d just get away from his wrong-headed and dangerous views about the military and foreign policy. He seems to want to lead the United States into a more isolationist position in the world. That might not be a bad idea of it were possible, but it’s not. Isolationism in these days of international trade, instant communications, intercontinental ballistic missiles, and terrorism –well, it’s stupid to think the world would leave us alone.

I’ve always liked Bobby Jindal. I think he’s done a great job as Governor of Louisiana. He should stay there. He just isn’t cut out for national politics and tries excessively hard to sound conservative (to the point that he sometimes scares the independents, who we all know will be essential in securing the White House).

Most of the others strike me as knowing they don’t have a chance at the nomination but like to see themselves giving speeches on important topics and getting media attention. They are wasting our time and resources. I’d wish they’d go home and cut their lawns or something. If they really want to be useful, they should find a candidate that they like and that can beat the Democrats in 2016, then put their effort into supporting that person.

Overall I’d say the debate was a 17 way tie and really didn’t change anything… 

Today's Reflection:
What do you have when you have 100 politicians buried up to their neck in sand?
-too little sand.

Live Long and Prosper...

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