Friday, January 29, 2016

Support the "Stupid" Amendment

I would like to propose an Amendment to the Constitution that I believe would further ensure and secure our freedom as American Citizens:

The government shall pass no law infringing on, or in any way restricting, the rights of a citizen of the United States of America to say stupid things, act in a stupid manner or to do stupid things so long as such actions do not result in the endangerment of other citizens or directly infringes on the rights of other citizens.”

I call it “The Stupid Amendment”.

Why do we need a “Stupid Amendment”? -Because we are a free people. We should be guaranteed the right to do something stupid if we want to--and I for one am tired of our government trying to protect me from myself by making things illegal.

Don’t drink too much soda from one glass because it’ll make you obese –and we all know obesity leads to medical conditions which insurance companies have to pay for and we all wind up paying higher premiums. Horse pucky! If you let them get away with that kind of nonsense you’ll have the government regulating the number of French Fries allowed per serving and the size of a steak served at a restaurant. Candy bars will be removed from around the checkout counters and require a parents’ permission to purchase. Potato Chips will be a new black market item and milk shakes will be a fond memory.

They’ve already made it a law that even adults must wear a helmet when riding a bicycle. Not a good old fashioned recommendation or safety tip –a law! With crime rates rising in our cities, drive by shootings a daily occurrence, drunk drivers dying or killing others at a rate of one every hour, do we really want our police officers spending patrol time stopping adults riding bicycles because they aren’t wearing helmets? Really?

I agree that people should wear helmets on bicycles, and seat belts in cars for that matter. Not wearing them is stupid - but damn it, we have a right to be stupid! We have a right to drink a 32 ounce soda, put salt on our French Fries or enjoy a Bacon Cheese Burger –and we don’t need the government playing nanny and passing laws to force us to conform with some vocal and politically organized health food fanatics’ ideas of how we should eat or how much weight constitutes obesity….

We have a right to be stupid –it’s an integral part of our freedom. I say stupid things and do stupid things pretty regularly (just ask my friends). The way things are going, someday they’ll be hauling my ass off to jail for smuggling M&M’s in my carry on bags…. We need to protect ourselves from all this “political correctness gone berserk”!

So I say, let’s put a stop to the nonsense and guarantee our right to be stupid. Write to your Senators and Congressional Representatives and let’s pass a “Stupid Amendment”!

Live Long and Prosper...

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