Thursday, February 18, 2016

Ostrich or Eagle? It’s time to choose!

     Every day we are confronted by new and greater atrocities being committed by ISIS. Some are committed against captured Syrian or Iraqi soldiers. Sometimes it’s kidnapped hostages, including Americans. Sometimes it’s whole villages, including men, women and children. 
     They kill people because they are Muslims who do not share their interpretations of the Qur'an. They kill people because they are Christian or Jewish, or Hindi, or Buddhist. They kill Americans, Frenchmen, Italians, Englishmen, Westerners, Asians, and Africans. They kill people because they want to force their wives and daughters into sex slavery or simply because they want something they own. They kill for the simple reason that they want to kill.

     People have been forced to dig their own mass graves and then machine-gunned. People have been beheaded with knives. People have been burned alive. Women have been stoned to death. Children have been hanged. Men have been crucified. However gruesome or brutal, the ISIS thugs always seem ready to find more horrible acts of barbarism with which to shock and intimidate the world.

     Throughout all that has happened over the time since ISIS first cast its ugly shadow across the land, we have stood back, expressed shock -and done relatively nothing. Oh sure, we’ve sent drones, advisers, trainers, money, food, equipment and weapons.

     Has that stopped ISIS? Has it made them think twice about committing new and more terrible atrocities all the time? Hell no it hasn’t! 
    Are we going to sit back, make speeches and send support? Or are we finally going to remember that we are Americans and take the lead in eradicating this cancer?

     ISIS has said from the beginning, and regularly ever since, that they are going to kill Americans and attack us here on our own soil. They have bragged about raising their black flag over the White House. Does anyone with an IQ over 10 think for a second that they don’t mean to try to do exactly that?

     It’s time to tell our leaders that enough is enough. You cannot appease or negotiate with bullies. You cannot turn your head and pretend not to see the atrocities while hoping they will stop and leave you alone. History has taught us that lesson repeatedly (Nazi Germany from 1935 to 1945 should be fresh enough in everyone's minds), yet our leaders seem determined to forget those lessons.

     It’s time to grow a backbone, get serious and mercilessly unleash the full power of the American military on these creatures of darkness. It’s time to track these thugs down and send them to the fires of hell they so richly deserve. 

     There is a term describing a period from 27 BC to 180 AD when Europe was relatively peaceful. It was called Pax Romana, or the Roman Peace. For 200 years the Roman Army prevented wars and rebellions by force. It may sound extreme to some, but Europe has not been able to go even 20 years without bloody wars since.

     It’s time to stop being an Ostrich and start being an Eagle, an American Eagle!

     The longer we wait, the higher the ultimate price in American blood will have to be paid.


Live Long and Prosper....

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