Tuesday, March 1, 2016

Just Thinking About Nothing

I was just thinking, January starts with ‘New Year’s Day’. February has ‘Ground Hog Day’. April starts with ‘April Fool’s Day’ and who can forget about ‘May Day’. Poor old March, however, has nothing special to start it off. 

As I sat contemplating this fascinating fact, “March has nothing”, something suddenly hit me like an epiphany from heaven. Unexpectedly, Angels blew trumpets in my ears while children clasped hands and danced in circles. Birds sang in the trees and I could hear Louis Armstrong playing "It's a Wonderful Life". A feeling of pride and determination washed through me as I realized I had been chosen by fate to do nothing.

Therefore, with the guidance and blessing of he who is the Alpha and the Omega, I hereby declare that every first day of March from now to the end of time will hence forth be dedicated to nothing.

March 1st will be a day when we determine to catch up on all those other times during the year when we had nothing to do, but were forced by circumstance to do something.

I call on all my friends to join me in this holy cause. On the last day of February, let’s stock the ice chest, make sure the Stereo and TV are in proper working condition, set out the lounge chair, and spend March 1st determined to do nothing.

I know this isn’t going to be easy. The temptation to do something will be at our elbows at every turn. But I have faith that with each others help, we will find the strength deep within us to spend the entire day achieving nothing. 

Furthermore, I feel certain that with practice over time (and a good hammock), we will easily be able to learn how to get nothing done on a regular basis. 

Thank you and may your problems follow you all your life –and never catch up. 

Live Long and Prosper...

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