Thursday, July 28, 2016

Football Returns in 3 weeks!

Thursday, August 11th in the Year of Our Lord Two Thousand and Sixteen will see the return of football with the kick off of the preseason games.

Yes, I am excited. I miss the excitement of a a few hours spent watching pumped-up athletes crashing into whatever gets in their way while they attempt to move the pig-skin (the football) 100 yards across the goal line (where they turn into little girls and do a few crazy dance steps in celebration) -And I go hoarse from cheering (or booing, depending on the play).

It’s the barbarian in me. I admit it. I am quite certain that if I had lived in ancient Rome (I did, of course, but that’s a subject for another day), I'd have had season tickets to the Coliseum. And I’d  have had a baseball cap that said something like: “Go Christians” or “Gladiators Rule."

We are more civilized about our blood-lust these days. Now we watch two teams trying their best to kill each other (but without actually hurting each other, of course). And we can watch it at the stadium, at a bar, or in the comfort of our homes. 

By-the-way, did you know that more big-screen TVs are sold during the football preseason then at Christmas? We demand high definition for our blood-lust moments!

My traditional Sunday is to put on my Hawaiian Shirt and short pants, don my New Orleans Saints Cap, open a Miller Light Beer (If I don’t have Miller Light, just about any brew will do –the operative word is beer) and ensure I have an adequate supply of munchies (high sodium and high calorie, please). Then I settle into a comfortable lounging position in anticipation of running my blood pressure up 20 points (That’s okay. My Cardiologist is also a football fan and understands completely).

It used to be that I had to wait all week for my Sunday football fix. Now, however, they have spread the games out and play them on Monday, Thursday and even Friday nights as well. I like that because I get to see more of my teams play (please don’t tell the Saints, but I have a couple of other teams I also root for, when the Saints aren’t playing of course).

So, to all my fellow football fans:
Get ready, the games are about to begin….

(And for those of you, who are just not into  football, please don’t despair. Football Season only lasts through Super Bowl next February. In the meantime, I’m sure you can still find some useful way to fit into  society).

One reason I watch the game at home....
Live Long and Prosper...

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