Wednesday, August 3, 2016

Senior Citizens Rejoice!

Today’s little blog is one I think you’re going to like –really.

The Harvard Medical School just completed a new study that has very good news, especially for senior citizens.

The study suggests a cup of hot chocolate may be good for more than someone with a sweet-tooth. 

Researchers at Harvard Medical School say sufficient blood flow to the brain is key to a sharp memory, especially in older age. 

As part of the study, they had a test group of sixty adults drink two cups of hot chocolate every day for a month. 

Participants had increased blood flow to the brain after drinking hot cocoa. They also report noticeable improvement in both short and long term memory.

I was going to write more about this but I think I’ll go to the store and stock up on my coco and chocolate candy supply –just to make sure I don’t forget anything important.

Maybe I’ll see you there…

Today's Reflection:
Regular naps can prevent old age
-especially if you take them while driving...

Live Long and Prosper...

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