Tuesday, September 6, 2016

A Million Dollars from God

A man walks into a chapel late one night and no one is there. He kneels and say his prayers and suddenly feels that the Holy Spirit is listening.

He decides to see if he can actually talk to God.

"Dear Lord." He asks, "How long is a million years?"

Suddenly he hears a great but gentle voice that says, "For me it is merely like the passing of a minute."

The man is so excited he asks another question. "Lord, how much is a million dollars?"

The voice answers, "To me is is nothing. It has no more value than a penny."

So the man decided to ask; "Dear Lord, if it's not too much trouble, do you think you could get me a million dollars?'

"Yes, of course," The voice says, "This will just take a minute."

Today's Reflection:
Alcohol causes amnesia
and other things I can't remember....

Live Long and Prosper...

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