Saturday, October 1, 2016

My Next Murder Mystery

For those of you that have been wondering, the answer is "Yes". I am working on the next Murder Mystery in my series set in New Orleans.

This time a Drug Cartel plane smuggling a large cash payment disappears in the swamps. When the Wildlife people accidentally find it, they also discover the body of a young man with a crossbow arrow in his chest. The money that is supposedly on board the plane is gone.

Over Gators strong disinclination, Chief Ryan drafts Gator and his team to go into the swamps to investigate the crime scene and take over the case. 

Paula DeLong, Gator’s on again / off again love interest (we first met her in Mardi Gras Death Mask) is back in town. Mambo is there to provide warnings and clues. Doctor Hiram Walberg is doing autopsies and handing out wise advise. Sergeant (Uncle) Dix is around to lend a helping hand. Even Gator’s new dog, Seven, has a part to play as Gator, Alisha, Tina and Todd battle the swamps and the Street Gangs of New Orleans West End in a race to find the killer before the drug cartel people beat them to the murderer and the money.

As usual, there are plenty of New Orleans favorite places, a sampling of her delicious foods and even a couple of recipes for you to try.

We’ll see if you can pick out the clues and figure out who the cold blooded killer is before Gator calls everyone together in the final chapter and sends the bad guys off to meet justice.
It looks like “Murder: Bayou Style” will be ready and released next spring. But the wait should be worth it. Y’all are going to like it, I gar-own-tee!

Until then, may your skies be clear of black clouds, your life full of happiness and smiles be blessings for you every day!

Live Long  and Prosper...

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