Saturday, November 19, 2016

Some Thoughts on Terrorism

    I thought today I’d share some my thoughts and opinions about this Terrorist Threat we’ve been living with lately. 

    Terrorism has always existed, right from the very beginning of man’s history and the Middle East has always been a particularly fertile breeding ground for this barbarism. One of the main differences between now and 40 years ago is that our modern Terrorists are better armed, informed and mobile than ever before.

    The current big boy of terrorists is ISIS. They have been able to take advantage of the chaos in the Middle East and snatch a large area of land to call their own country (Caliphate). They seem to feel that seizing territory and claiming “nation status” adds credibility to their cause. That is, of course, ridiculous because they lose all credibility by their very actions –blatant killing and murder of anyone who does not share their devotion to a twisted and barbarous version of Islam. They have declared war on virtually every civilized country on earth, focusing primarily on the democracies of the West (but not leaving out Russia, China, or many countries in the Middle East such as Jordan, Lebanon and Egypt).

    Now here is where I see a real problem in the fight against these thugs. Ever since World War II, we have tried to become more and more civilized about the way we fight our wars. That, to me, is just plain stupid. There is not, has never been, nor will there ever be a “civilized war”. How many of our people have been killed or wounded and how much money have we wasted trying to understand, show compassion and rehabilitate our enemies?

War is a horrible thing and it should always be viewed as such. The point of a war is to kill or be killed. The objective is to win, and win quickly. The United States of America has the finest and most powerful armed forces in the history of the world. Every resource available to our military should be turned against ISIS in a massive use of combined arms to track down and kill every Islamic Radical scum bag in the Middle East, North Africa, Indonesia and every other place on the planet where they try to hide. 

    We need to take a lesson from our past mistakes dealing with terrorists. Every time we have confronted them, we get to a point of winning, then back off and try to be "nice guys". That has given them time to rest, rearm, recover and pop up somewhere else. The 'kid gloves" approach has to stop.The war on terrorism will not be won until the threat has been completely, 100%, eliminated, and the world has been given a terrible and salient lesson in the price to be paid for attacking us.

    To those who point out that God says we should love our enemies, I would like to call your attention to the Old Testament, particularly the parts where God told the Israelites how to deal with their enemies. Those are the parts we should be using as a guide in this situation

    Now, don’t get me wrong here, I am not advocating that we simply drop a nuclear bomb on ISIS in Syria –but make no mistake, when they get the capability (and they will unless we act soon) they won’t hesitate to do that to us. What I am saying is that we must act quickly, decisively and with 'extreme prejudice', to eliminate any possibility of attacks on innocent women and children again. Once the war is won, totally and completely, we can go back to our more civilized pursuits.
    I believe we can begin by having our elected representatives make, and our Justice System enforce, some draconian laws regarding terrorism. I’d start by making anyone found guilty of engaging in a terrorist act eligible for the death penalty and make that penalty mandatory if anyone was killed or injured by the terrorist act. I’d also make life in prison without the possibility of parole a mandatory sentence for anyone found guilty of advocating or supporting a terrorist activity –including anyone who even assists in attempting to radicalize or recruit another person for a terrorist organization. In addition, I would close down and prosecute the owners or key personnel of any business or company that knowingly sells or supplies anything or provides support in any form, to ISIS, Al Qaeda or any other terrorist group.

    That brings up another point. Once captured, these people should be locked down. No special privileges and no communications with each other or anyone else except their guards, interrogators, and people necessary for their prosecution. That means no TV, no special workout equipment and no attempts to rehabilitate them or reintegrate them into society. To state it more clearly – Lock them up and throw away the key. 

     I can just hear some of you saying that you can't do that because they have rights too. Well, I say that they forfeited their rights the moment they engaged in terrorist activity.

    As for fighting them, I know of no one that wants to put ‘boots on the ground’ in the Middle East again. The problem is that anyone with half a brain knows that we are going to have to do that very thing eventually. There is no other way to rid the planet of this cancer. We are never going to bomb, or scare them, or negotiate them into surrender. We are never going to "contain" them and they will never learn to coexist with anyone else.The sooner we realize that and the quicker we get to it, the faster we’ll get the job done. Hesitating and debating will only give them time to dig in and become better organized, funded, supplied and armed.

    I’ll end my little banter by bringing back and paraphrasing a slogan from history – “The only good terrorist is a dead terrorist”. Let’s stop fooling around and hoping things will get better. It's time we make things better ourselves. Let’s roll up our sleeves and go take these bastards out

Live Long and Prosper...

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