Wednesday, December 21, 2016

Walk with me thru The Quarter

Well, here I am, all charged up about the release of "Murder: Bayou Style" and the audio version of "A Penalty in Blood" (Thanks again, Theo). So I thought I'd share a few pictures of my favorite little corner of the world.

 Yep, that's what we say in 'Nawlens, darlin 
 Balconies decorated for Christmas (weee)
 Had to have this picture -this guy was good
 Bourbon Street at night
 I have a thing for balconies
 Some great musicians play on the streets of The Quarter
 Gosh I love historical thingys
In Cemetery # 1 -I want this on my headstone...
 The Bourbon Orleans Hotel (featured in "French Quarter Vendetta")
 When I see a sign like this - I know I'm home
 At The good 'ole Cafe Du Monde
 Clover Grill - Best Hamburgers and Breakfasts in
The Quarter

 The Cafe Du Monde - featured in all my books (Who's that guy sitting at Gator's table?)

Y'all have a Long Life and Prosper now, hear?

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