Sunday, January 1, 2017

Happy New Year! -How's your head?

Well, it is New Years Day -don't worry, I'll speak softly. I know what those champagne hangovers can be like (och). I never quite understood who the fool was that put the first day of the new year on the day following a good party day like New Years Eve.... -Talk about dumb ideas.

Well, it's now 2017 and a chance to start a brand new year. Have you all made those requisite New Years Resolutions yet? Like taking off a few pounds, exercising more or staying on budget? No? No problem, there is still time. It's easy and no one will remember them in a week anyway. Or if they do, they won't bring it up because they don't want you to ask how they are doing at keeping theirs.

What about mine, you ask? Hell, I try to avoid them -why start the New Year with a lie? But this year I have one -it's posted at the bottom of this page and I'll try to keep it if I can.

I noticed the doom and gloom predictors are out in force again telling us the end is near. Didn't they get enough of that end of the world stuff in 2012 when a lot of people thought a calendar some Mayans made a couple of thousand years ago ran out meant that must be predicting the end of the world? Of course there may be something to all this. Maybe they just missed the exact year or something. I mean, if the Iranians get a nuclear weapon this year then things could easily look like the end of the world real fast, especially if you are in the Middle East.

But, being an optimist and an unabashed American Exceptionalist, I think we'll somehow manage to get through it all and prevail. I have faith -and I've never been accused of being too smart anyway (and I have friends that say my going to UC Berkeley proved that....).

Anyway, I'm rambling and you're hungover so I'll just wish you a speedy recovery and a Happy New Year.

My New Year's Resolution:
This New Year I solemnly resolve to be less awesome since it's really the only thing I do in excess...

Live Long and Prosper (well beyond 2017)....

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