Friday, December 17, 2010

Another Monkey Brain Day

Some of my friends have asked me just what “Monkey Brain” is. Well, Monkey Brain is an affliction I suffer from in which my mind swing randomly from subject to subject without rhyme or reason. One minute I may be contemplating our Middle East problems an the next minute I am thinking about what my friends are doing for Christmas… It is not a fatal disease nor is it very contagious –but I have a feeling many of you recognize the symptoms…. Anyway, enough of that, on to a random look at some items that have caught my eye in the headlines lately…


I see Chris Matthews has made some off handed remarks about Governor Chris Christies weight. Neil Cavuto on Fox told him to shove his comments up his tingly (a reference to Matthew comment that Obama’s speeches give him a tingly feeling). Well, I agree. Matthews can be a mouthy and offensive liberal commentator and likes to get attention by bad mouthing conservatives. Govenor Christies weight was bound to be a target at some point as soon as he started being effective and successful as Govenor. I am always surprised at how these politically correct liberals can so easily ignore their own political correctness and turn nasty when it suits them. Anyway, same on Chris Matthews, he knows better and should be called to account for his uncalled for offensiveness.


In other news, I see our professional people at TSA have not quite learned their lesson. It seems we are picking on our good allies room India again. This time they detained the Ambassador from India to the United Nations at an airport in Texas. India’s UN envoy Hardeep Puri was detained for more than 30 minutes in a holding room at Houston Airport, Texas, after refusing to remove his turban. In case our TSA people did not know it, Sikh men are expected to keep their heads covered in public at all times and turbans are only to be removed in the most intimate of circumstances, or when washing. It is even forbidden to touch the headdress in public as it symbolizes self-respect, honor, and piety. India has reportedly lodged an official protest through its Consulate General in Huston with the U.S. authorities.


Live Long and Prosper....

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