Saturday, December 18, 2010

Micheal Moore Gives Julian Assange $20,000

One of the guys on my list of "Ten People You Most Hate to See in the News", Mister Michael Moore, has spoken out from his exile at the exclusive fat farm in Florida. He has donated $20,000.00 to help bail Julian Assange out of jail in England.

This really sets my mind racing. Julian Assange and WikiLeaks has done immeasurable damage to the United States. No matter how you look at it, Assange is dealing in documents which were stolen and which this country and all of the others, whose confidential documents have been made public, had every right to keep secret. I have heard the cries of the liberals and progressives and anarchists who feel that this act of Assange was noble and furthered the cause of transparency BUT that is bulls**t and you know it. No government can survive, no democracy can function if every conversation, every deal and agreement is immediately made completely public. Anyone who thinks otherwise is a fool or worse, an idiot....

That brings me back to Master Moore. His act actually helps to enable Julian Assange to continue releasing documents that hurt Micheal's own country and may result in the loss of lives. I did not like him before. I have watched his movies, such as the one about Health Care, and the lies he told on the screen about the quality of the Cuban Health Care System were so flagrant and outrageous I could hardly contain myself. Now he has committed what to me is an act of treason -no I am not saying he is legally committing treason, just morally committing it (which should be easy for him since he obviously lacks any moral character whatsoever).

Live Long and Prosper..........

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