Sunday, December 26, 2010

Prague Pillow Fight: Czechs And Tourists Create Feather 'Blizzard' In Old Town Square

Now something a little more on the lighter side. I found this great little story about some people just having fun –something I think would be a good idea here sometime.

Prague is just one of many European cities to have been pounded with snow in recent weeks, but the Czech capital was recently the scene of a rather different type of blizzard. 

Thousands of local Czechs and tourists created a whirlwind of feathers as they descended upon Prague's Old Town Square bearing pillows and cushions for a massive pillow fight. As in previous years, the flash mob-style event was organized via Facebook, and witnesses say the 2010 event was bigger and better than ever.

Here is a little "heads up" about some more upcoming regulations (I have been telling you the Administration will now try to get their programs accomplished through regulation instead of legislation). In addition to the new reg's put out by the FCC, here is what the EPA is doing Jan 2nd:

In a nutshell, the EPA’s Greenhouse Gas Tailoring Rule will treat emissions from renewable biomass energy the same as emissions from the use of fossil fuels, despite the fact that both policymakers and scientists have long considered biomass emissions to be carbon-neutral due to the life cycle of the forests from which biomass is produced.

This new rule and regulatory uncertainty could spell the end of the biomass energy industry by removing the carbon-neutral status of biomass and, consequently, the biggest incentive to continue investing in it. Recent estimates have shown that biomass generated from forest byproducts could supply as much as 15 percent of the nation’s renewable energy by 2021, yet this will likely never be realized if biomass producers are forced to comply with arbitrary, unfair and unnecessary regulations like those in the Tailoring Rule
President Obama made a surprise Christmas trip to visit the troops on Christmas Day. That is something I am always glad to our Commander in Chief do. It makes our troops feel like they are not being forgotten. Of course, the other part of the story was that this surprise visit was to our troops in Hawaii, many of whom were called away from time with their families on Christmas Day to attend. Also, our Great Leader made this visit immediately after he played a round of Golf at the Bases Golf Course..... Merry Christmas American Service Members, where ever you are... 

Live Long and Prosper....

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