Wednesday, July 13, 2011

Iranian Secret Mass Executions

The International Campaign for Human Rights in Iran reports that 25 prisoners were hanged in a secret group execution inside Ghezel Hessar Prison in Karaj. According to these sources, on Sunday, 3 July, 25 prisoners most of whom had drug trafficking charges were executed en mass inside the Ghezel Hessar Prison. Demands have been made for the Iranian Judiciary to provide information about all executions at this prison complex and particularly those carried out on 3 July, and to end its practice of covering up group executions.

These executions were carried out in the same way that the previously reported secret executions in Mashad and Birjand took place, where the executions took place without the knowledge and presence of families and lawyers of the death row prisoners. According to Iranian laws, families and lawyers of the inmates must be informed about the time and date of executions and be allowed to be present at the execution location.

During the past two years, “dozens of prisoners” have been executed in the same way at this prison facility and news about those executions have never been formally announced. The International Campaign for Human Rights in Iran has repeatedly warned about secret executions inside Mashad’s Vakilabad Prison, Birjand Prison, Taybad Prison, Karoon Prison in Ahvaz, and Orumiyeh Prison.

Iran has seen widespread executions in its prisons. Not only have the statistics for announced executions increased, but secret unannounced executions have also been on the rise. According to reports made available, on some weeks the number of unannounced executions are several times more than the announced numbers.

According to Gholamhossein Esmaili, Head of the Iranian Prisons Organization, the Ghezel Hessar Prison in Karaj is the most crowded prison in the country. Esmaili said at a press conference that Ghezel Hessar holds up to three times more prisoners than its capacity. Some sources claim that the number of prisoners at this facility exceeds 30,000. Iranian Judiciary authorities have so far refrained from announcing the exact number of inmates and those on death row at Ghezel Hessar Prison.

On 25 May there were media reports of a group execution of 10 inmates inside this facility. Iranian judicial authorities have so far maintained silence about secret executions at Ghezel Hessar Prison.

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