Sunday, August 7, 2011

A Moment of Mourning

I am still reeling from the tragic loss of so many fine service members on that helicopter in Afghanistan this week. I have therefore postponed my normal blog today and am dedicating these few insignificant lines to their memory.

At this very moment someone in the country is using a standard clichĂ© to express their sorrow about this. “They were true heroes”, “They were the best”, “They knew this could happen”, and many, many others so often repeated at times like this. These expressions are an attempt to ease and to rationalize. For the most part, there is really nothing wrong with that. The problem is that they do not do justice to those we lost –but then, words can never do that anyway, can they?

What we, as individuals, should do is stop for a moment to remember and mourn what we have lost. Mothers and Fathers have lost sons and grandsons. Siblings have lost brothers. Wives have lost husbands. Girl friends have lost boy friends and fiancés. Children have lost fathers. The Nation has lost some of its finest sons.

Join me, then, in taking a moment to mourn their passing. Pray for them and their loved ones. Celebrate their lives and appreciate their service and ultimate sacrifice.

Heaven will welcome them with open arms and have a special place set aside for them. May they find eternal peace and happiness.

Live Long and Prosper....

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