Friday, September 30, 2011

Gibbs' Rules

I confess. I am an avid fan of NCIS. I look forward to each weeks episode as a fun escape from the daily drag. One of the fun things in the show is “Gibbs Rules”, an unwritten set of rules for the NCIS agents to live by. We get to hear them applied in various shows, and we know they originated with Mike Franks (Gibbs’ friend and mentor). Those rules have always fascinated me, so I decided to turn to Google and see if I could find out if they even existed. It turns out that some people are way ahead of me and have compiled a list based on various episodes where the famous “rules” have been applied.

So, for all you fellow NCIS devotees, here is a list of the rules which have been reveled so far. (For those of you who are not fans of NCIS this will be boring and meaningless, you’ll just have to indulge us “entertainmently challenged" folks) Oh, you will notice that the same rule numbers were used for different rules in separate episodes (that’s ok, just blame it on the writers).

Rule #1: Never let suspects stay together. (Franks) 1x01 'Yankee White'

Rule #1: Never screw over your partner. 4x14 'Blowback'

Rule #2: Always wear gloves at a crime scene. (Franks) 1x01 'Yankee White'

Rule #3: Don't believe what you're told. Double check. (Franks) 1x01 'Yankee White'

Rule #3: Never be unreachable. 3x13 'Deception'

Rule #4: The best way to keep a secret? Keep it to yourself.Second best? Tell one other person - if you must.There is no third best. 4x11 'Blowback'

Rule #5: You don't waste good. (…"You're Good" Gibbs says to DiNozzo) 8x22 'Baltimore'

Rule #6: Never apologize — Its a sign of weakness. A rule used more often than the others, but finally given a number in 7x12 'Flesh and Blood' during a great Gibbs/DiNozzo moment

The first person to use that phrase was John Wayne in, "She Wore a Yellow Ribbon." "Never apologize, mister, it. It's a sign of weakness." — In the episode 3x23 'Hiatus Part-1' DiNozzo explains to NCIS Director, Jenny Shepard, that Gibbs took this one from "The Duke himself."
Rule #7: Always be specific when you lie. 1x23 'Reveille'

Rule #8: Never take anything for granted. 3x10 'Probie'

Rule #9: Never go anywhere without a knife. 1x13 'One Shot, One Kill' & 1x20 'Missing'

Rule #10: Never get personally involved on a case. (Said by Tony, agreed on by Gibbs) 7x21 'Obsession'

Rule #11: When the job is done, walk away. 6x24 'Semper Fidelis'

Rule #12: Never date a coworker. 1x15 'Enigma'

Rule #13: Never, ever involve a lawyer. 6x07 'Collateral Damage' &; 7x24 'Rule Fifty-One'

Rule #15: Always work as a team. 5x05 'Leap of Faith'

Rule #16: If someone thinks they have the upper-hand, …break it! (DiNozzo) 8x24 'Pyramid'

Rule #18: It's better to seek forgiveness than ask permission. 3x04 'Silver War'

Rule #22: Never, ever bother Gibbs in interrogation. 4x10 'Smoked'

Rule #23: Never mess with a Marine's coffee if you want to live. 2x09 'Forced Entry'

Rule #27: Two ways to follow: First way, they never notice you, — second way, they only notice you. 7x15 'Jack Knife' &; 7x24 'Rule Fifty-One'

Rule #35: Always watch the watchers. 8x22 'Baltimore'

Rule #38: Your case, your lead. 6x16 'Bounce'

Rule #39: There is no such thing as coincidence. 7x21 'Obsession'

"The 40's are for Emergency Use Only!"

Rule #40: If it seems someone is out to get you, they are. (Said by Abby, agreed on by Gibbs) 7x22 'Borderland' &; 7x24 'Rule Fifty-One'

Rule #44: First things first. Hide the women and children. 7x23 'Patriot Down'

Rule #45: Clean up your own mess. (Gibbs Said, "Left a mess I've got to clean up." — DiNozzo commented that's basically Rule #45) 7x24 'Rule Fifty-One'

Rule #51: Sometimes — You're Wrong! 7x24 'Rule Fifty-One'

And it may not be a rule but remember…

"A slap to the face

is an insult — to the

back of the head

it's a wake-up call."

I know, I know -I really need to get out more.... Well, until next time here's one of my rules: (courtesy of Mr. Spock)
Live Long and Prosper....

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