Sunday, October 2, 2011

Iran sending ships into the Atlantic near U.S.

According to the state-run Islamic Republic News Agency, Iran plans to send ships near the Atlantic coast of the United States. Quoting an Iranian commander, "The Navy of the Iranian Army will have a powerful presence near the United States borders."

"Commander of the Navy of the Army of the Islamic Republic of Iran (Holy mackerel, and I thought our Navy had long titles!) broke the news about the plans for the presence of this force in the Atlantic Ocean and said that the same way that the world arrogant power is present near our marine borders, we, with the help of our sailors who follow the concept of the supreme jurisprudence, shall also establish a powerful presence near the marine borders of the United States," the story said. I assume the reference to the "world arrogant power" was intended to refer to the United States –and (I have no idea what they mean by “sailors who follow supreme jurisprudence” –except maybe they are prisoners working off sentences, just kidding).

They announced similar plans in July but we have not had the pleasure of a visit yet. In February, two Iranian Navy ships traversed the Suez Canal in the first such voyages by Iranian ships since 1979.

I have no idea why they want to send ships into the Atlantic, off our Eastern Seaboard. Perhaps they want experience handling Atlantic storms. Or, Perhaps they think this will impress the world and intimidate “the Great Satan” (us). If so, they are woefully mistaken. In the very unlikely event of a direct confrontation, 5 minutes after the start of hostilities you would need a research submarine on the bottom of the Atlantic to see the Iranian ships.

The IRNA, said Iran also plans to send its 16th fleet of warships to the Gulf of Aden to protect Iranian vessels and oil tankers from pirates, who have hijacked dozens of ships and exchanged their crews for ransom. Good, it would be refreshing to see them doing something useful for a change.

Live Long and Prosper....

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