Saturday, November 5, 2011

Let’s Chat about Libya

Hello, thanks for dropping by. I wanted to just chat a bit so I sat down at the computer and it immediately quit and refused to re-boot. Four thousand six hundred and thirty four attempts later I finally convinced it to start up, but it’s not happy about it and runs about as fast as maple syrup on Christmas morning.

Well, anyway, I thought we’d chat about Libya. Have you noticed that since Gadhafi was sent to the lower regions, Libya has been kind of out of the news? They have scheduled elections but they have not got a clue how to qualify who runs for what -and they aren’t really even sure what they will be electing people to be in… Reminds me of some old silent films with Charlie Chaplin… sorry, too critical…

Anyway, they are also beginning to remember how much they hate each other. You see, under Gadhafi they were forced to get along. Gadhafi wanted all his darling little children to play nice, and he’d kill them if they didn’t. Well, Daddies gone and so is his military and police –so the children are beginning to fight over who runs the playground….

There are a lot of tribal rivalries, a lot of religious differences, and a lot of political differences to sort out. Oh, and then there is all that oil. Some one will have to take over the oil and manage all that money.

Well, at least no one tribe or faction will have too much of an advantage. They are all armed to the teeth –and with modern weapons like shoulder fired anti-aircraft rockets –and remember all those neat pick-ups mounting heavy machine guns and recoilless rifles? How long do you suppose it is going to take before the mini-civil wars start up? A month..? two?

But don’t let all this bother you. NATO is studying it’s “post Gadhafi” posture in Libya. Fortunately, all those Special Forces guys (who aren’t there) are in a good position to help keep things somewhat peaceful, especially around the oil fields –at least through the elections (as soon as they figure out what they are electing people too)….

Live Long and Prosper...

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