Sunday, November 6, 2011

Gary’s Talking Points

Good Morning. Did you enjoy your hour of extra sleep last night as Daylight Savings Time kicked in? Or were you like me and forgot about it until after you were up and dressed, turned on the TV and noticed that the news program you always watch that time of the day was not on yet? Oh well, there is always next year.
Who invented Daylight Saving Time anyway? I think is was originally thought up by Ben Franklin. I like Ben, he did a lot of neat stuff, but I’m afraid he struck out on this one. I thought we were going to get rid of it here in California a couple of years ago but the Environmentalists got wind of it and claimed it saved a lot of electricity by having daylight for businesses to operate. Have you ever gone to a store or business when the lights were off, regardless of whether it was day time or not? How environmentalists ever had enough sense to survive childhood I’ll never understand.

The analysts and pundits are having a field day trying to figure out if Israel’s saber-rattling is serious or just an attempt to get the world to put more sanctions and pressure on Iran. I have spent time thinking about it and can’t decide if they are going to strike or are just bluffing again. Neither thing would surprise me a bit. Whatever happens, the day is fast approaching when the U.S. and the world will have to face the fact that sanctions are not going to stop Iran and once they have nuclear weapons, there is no question but what they will find a way to use them. Whatever we think of Obama, history will judge him by what happens with Iran and the nuclear weapons problem in the next couple of years. –And every day that passes makes addressing the problem more complicated and more dangerous.

On that happy thought I think I’ll sign off for today and go make myself feel better with a Vodka Martini (yes, shaken, not stirred).

Live Long and Prosper…..

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