Monday, November 7, 2011

Still Talking

I hate computers. I spend more time with mine then with anything, or anybody, else. You’d think we would get along better, but every time I think we understand each other, it decides to act out. The latest temper tantrum involves shutting down completely, not crashing, just turning completely off, without any warning. Then it refuses to start again. I hit the “on” button and it starts for 5 or 6 seconds then turns off again. I keep that up about 600 times and it finally catches and starts up. Reminds me of an old car my parents had. You had to push it to get it to start and then pray it would start again at the store to bring you home with the groceries…. One of these days I am going to take this tired old computer out in the back yard, put a bullet in its hard drive and give it a decent burial.

Oh well, enough of my griping. I have had a slew of calls lately wanting to know why I have not weighed in on the Republican candidates yet. Well, the answer is simple. I don’t like any of them –yet. Romney sounds good, but he has a tendency to figure out how people want him to sound and change his positions to match that… not really what I would call trustworthy. Cain sounds good too, but he is a business man and has no political experience, which is really showing lately. Plus, I do not like his idea of having a National Sales Tax. It’s really a very, very, very bad idea. That said, I think he may have some other good ideas, but unless he can work with the Senate and with Congress he won’t be able to get anything accomplished –that won’t do us any good. I kind of liked Perry but he has been sounding too much like a cry baby lately –not Presidential. Gingrich sounds O.K., is steady and stays out of the frey -keeping his eye on the real goal, defeating Obama, something I like, but I just don’t know if he could beat Obama. He also has yet to come out with a sound plan to fix the tax code or create jobs –but he might make a good choice for Vice President. As for the others, well -ho cares? They are just static noise in the wind, wasting money and our time.

I guess all that means I have not found some one to get excited about yet. That may change as the field narrows and the in-house cat fighting subsides a bit. There are 2 things you can be sure of though: It’s going to be a long and nasty election cycle; and it’s going to be very entertaining. –Oh, and even in a recession it will do wonders for the liquor business….

Live Long and Prosper….

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