Thursday, December 1, 2011

Let’s talk about Pakistan for a minute…

My computer is still in recovery but I could not let the latest developments in Pakistan pass without making a few comments.
–and I’d like to star with the time honored phrase: “I told you so”.

I have written many times about how we are relying far too heavily on a friendship with a country that just does not feel the friendship we do.

Pakistan has been back stabbing and double dealing us for years so I am a little surprised that the DOD and the State Department are acting like the situation has just resently started turning bad. Things have been going bad for a long time.

They have closed the borders, cutting off our supply lines, several times before. They arrested a CIA agent for killing Pakistani citizens, even though those 'citzens' were armed and attacked him first (then they refused to release him to us for months). They give us permission to use their airspace for the drone attacks, then turn around and give speeches against us for doing it. They take money from us in military aid and use it to buy military equipment from China. They recover our helicopter (the one that crashed in the raid on Bin Laden) and let the Chinese inspect the secret stealth technology before returning it to us. Pakistan or at least some of the people in power in Pakistan, knew damned well that Bin Laden was hiding in that compound –but they get upset when we find out and don’t trust them enough to let them know we were going after him. I guarantee that if we had informed the Pakistani government that Bin Laden was in that compound -he would have been gone within hours.

Many people say “Be careful” we need Pakistan. We need their cooperation in fighting the Taliban and we do not want to destabilize the government because the have nuclear weapons which could end up in terrorist hands. Well, I have 2 things to say to that argument. First, What cooperation? You mean cutting off the supply routes? Hiding terrorists? Telling us it’s OK to attack the Taliban with drones while bad mouthing us for doing it? If we need cooperation, lets find a way to actually get some real cooperation.

Second, as for the nuclear weapons, I understand completely the danger of those falling into terrorist hands. But, even if the Pakistani government remains stable and in place, with a government that double deals like this one does, just how long do you think it will be before THEY sell a weapon or two to Al Qaeda? Do you really think they have a track record where they can be trusted with these weapons? That is the real danger in all of this and no one, not one person even wants to talk about it. Well, I do and I think its time it became a topic du jour.

I’d be interested in hearing what you think…..

Live Long and Prosper…..

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